All workshops can be tailored and customized in delivery, duration and content, to best meet your needs

Becoming a Leader

What does it mean to be a leader? Most of us enter into leadership roles without having really explored this question. Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility, and this workshop demonstrates how to move from thinking about great leadership to practicing great leadership. Participants will learn the four tenets of leadership – that leadership is a decision, an obligation, hard work and a community – and will gain full awareness of what being a leader means and owning it, as part of their personal “leadership contract” to be the best leader they can be.


Coaching Skills

Coaching has been identified as the most powerful way to increase employee performance. This workshop shares how to establish coaching skills as an essential element of the leadership toolkit. Participants will learn what’s involved in using a coaching approach, when to use and when not to use coaching, as well as key coaching concepts, tools, techniques and practices that will ultimately lead to improved employee accountability, engagement and performance.


Communication Skills

Successful outcomes rely on the quality of our communications. Grounded in neuroscience, this workshop provides leaders with a practical framework for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their communications, resulting in increased trust and extraordinary results.


Conscious Leadership – NEW

Studies have shown that the best leaders are consciously intentional about how they choose to lead. This workshop takes participants through a journey of discovering their inner leader and learning how to enhance leadership through conscious and intentional actions.


Growing Resilience

Based on mind-fitness programs implemented by organizations such as Google, General Mills and the US Military, this workshop series shares practical tools that can reprogram our brains to enhance our internal resilience reservoir. This, in turn, helps us better respond to work (and life) stress, ultimately helping us to be more effective and productive. Grounded in neuroscience and reinforced by research, as well as the facilitator’s personal journey and experience with chronic anxiety and mental illness, participants will learn practical tools which can alter the brain’s neural pathways enabling them to strengthen their resilience.


Insights Discovery© for Personal Effectiveness

This introduction to the Insights® framework helps individuals to better understand themselves, better understand others, and improve their interpersonal relationships. Each participant receives their own Insights Discovery Personal Profile® to help them better understand their strengths, areas for development and how to build more effective relationships at work.


Insights Discovery© for Leadership Effectiveness

Building on the Insights Model, Insights Discovery® for Leadership Effectiveness explores all aspects of leadership development. It guides leaders through the eight dimensions critical to high performance leadership, enabling them to examine their effectiveness in each area and determining actions to enhance their leadership skills.


Insights Discovery© Team Effectiveness

Building on the Insights Model, Insights Discovery® for Team Effectiveness enables teams to identify the most pressing and important issues to focus on for the team’s development. It helps diagnose problems, and identify opportunities to prevent failure, thereby dramatically increasing team’s chances of growth and success.


The Leadership Circle© – NEW

The Universal Model of Leadership is the only comprehensive model that integrates the fragmented field of leadership development that is business relevant, supported by metrics, measurement and research and has been applied with a track record of success. Connected to the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 leadership assessment that measures and provides feedback through the lens of the Universal Model, this workshop explores detailed aspects of the model and how leaders can shift and evolve their beliefs and core areas of “being” in order to become truly extraordinary leaders.


Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team©

Building a healthy and high-functioning team is not complicated, but it does take discipline and focus. Based on the best-selling leadership fable The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, by Patrick Lencioni, this workshop enables leaders to explore and overcome the pitfalls that side-track individuals and teams by taking leaders through the steps of developing a cohesive and productive team. Included is a detailed Team Assessment that provides the team with practical, usable data to help address their most critical issues and begin to make immediate progress.


Managing Conflict

Dealing with workplace conflict can be a particularly challenging and stressful part of a leader’s role. This workshop explores how workplace conflicts happen and shares practical tools and strategies to both prevent and resolve conflict. Leaders will grow their skills and confidence by learning how to de-escalate emotions and manage conflict effectively.


Motivating Others

Studies have shown that motivated employees are more productive, effective and want to positively contribute to the workplace. And leaders are the primary influencers of how motivated employees are. In this workshop participants learn the theory behind motivation and practical tools and strategies to build motivation in the workplace.


Presentation Skills

Although many people dread giving presentations, it is common for leaders to be called upon to deliver numerous presentations to a variety of audiences, as part of their role. During this workshop, participants will grow their skills and confidence as they learn how to build a business case and prepare and deliver great presentations that create positive impact.


The Leadership Challenge©

Based on the best-selling book by Kouzes & Posner The Leadership Challenge, this workshop explores the five practices of exemplary leadership. Participants will learn how to develop the leadership skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lie ahead. To make the most of this workshop, combine it with the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 review.


The Power of Networking

Studies have shown that growing your network helps to build your knowledge and expand opportunities. And yet, for many people – introverts especially – networking is a dreaded chore. But it doesn’t have to be. During this workshop, participants will learn how to shift their perception of networking and discover effective ways to build and maintain a network that will open up new horizons.