Christina took on our team’s leadership development with enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism and most importantly humor. Her skills in presenting new material as well as including all participants in discussions and exercises during the program has made a noticeable effect on our group back in the workplace.

The workshops Christina facilitated were relevant, practical and enjoyed by my team. She effectively delivered a large amount of information, and was able to distribute it in concise amounts that were easy to absorb and retain.

I looking forward to utilizing Christina’s skills again in the near future and I would recommend her to anyone interested in developing a leadership development approach for their team.

Derek Sydenham

Manager, Waterworks Operations, City of Vancouver

Christina’s Resilient Leadership workshop series gave me a different perspective on managing stress, priorities and my team.  Christina presented the information in an engaging manner; she was knowledgeable, responsive and generous in her delivery.

Overall, the workshops were hugely impactful and have left lasting effects that my whole team appreciates!

Lia Avalos

Manager of Administration, Sewer Operations, City of Vancouver

Christina was my coach for four months, during which time we tackled several stumbling blocks, and issues I was having in my life. Her coaching sessions provided me with new ways to examine, and break down what I was struggling with so that I could set myself up to succeed at solving the problems rather than continue to put them off or work towards them haphazardly. I continue to use the lessons I learned during my time with Christina to help manage my goals in both my professional and personal life.

Lucas Smith

Vancouver, BC

Sometimes the best way to take care of others in our roles as leaders, is to take care of ourselves. The demanding public nature of our work requires us to constantly adjust and adapt our work and our priorities. Christina’s Resilient Leadership course provided me with tools and perspective to improve my focus, manage my stress, and increase my resiliency – positioning me to better lead and support my team.

Susie Hutchison

Manager of Recreation Services, Vancouver Park Board

Christina’s Resilient Leadership course was amazing!  I’ve been finding it more and more challenging to manage stress and my anxieties; and I feel it is showing in my work and how I work with others. This course really helped me understand the science/psychology behind resiliency and how to put resilient leadership into practice at an individual level.

Manager, Strategic Advisory Services

City of Vancouver